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About Malon A. Pearson

Malon Aikee Pearson, of Hampton, Virginia, was a bundle of joy born on December 23, 2002 (a Christmas baby), to Marcus Pearson (Donna), Hampton, Virginia, and Bobbi Latty, Gloucester, Virginia. Malon was an excellent swimmer, he loved the water, he could have been the next Michael Phelps, he was 6‘4” and played basketball, he could have been the next Lebron James. Malon was a true athlete at heart, he played basketball, soccer, and baseball. Anything with a ball, he played it and excelled in every way. Malon's favorite color was navy blue. Malon's favorite football team was the New Orleans Saints. Malon was a respectful, bubbly, funny, joke-cracker, very helpful around the house doing chores, making sure the house was clean before his friends'  arrival, especially girlfriends. Malon was a good host making sure his friends felt very comfortable at his home especially when he snuck them into his grandmother’s house when she wasn’t home. Malon had a big heart, he helped his neighbors whenever needed. He was very devoted at church. Malon cared so much for his family, and friends. He loved all his friends equally and asked for nothing in return. Malon was blessed in every way with his friends and family. If you knew Malon you loved him, he was so friendly and outgoing. This is why this tragedy is so hurtful, so unimaginable, so disappointing because his life was taken without us ever knowing what he could have accomplished. His senseless murder took away all of his and our dreams for his future.

On Monday, August 24, 2020, Malon was tragically and brutally murdered. Can we forget this day? NEVER! We have indeed lost a jewel, but we take consolation in the Word of God in Genesis 50:20 “You meant evil against me, but God used it for good.” Malon was the only child of Marcus A. Pearson (Donna) Hampton, Virginia, the middle son of Bobbi Latty (brothers Antwaun and Kenyata) of Gloucester, Virginia. He was the youngest grandchild of JoAnne Cramatie of Hampton, Virginia who was his legal guardian. In addition to his parents and grandmother, left to cherish his memories are his uncle, Mark A. Pearson, his first cousins, Mikayla and Roderick Pearson and their mother, his aunt, Ramona Pearson of Virginia Beach, Virginia. His maternal great-grandmother Annie Clark, Newport News and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Malon kept journals. In one of his journals he spoke of wanting a 14 story building that would house and facilitate programs for teens like him who carries the diagnosis of ADHD/Autism. He identified each floor and  what it would what it would have.

So our goal with the Malons Project is to make those journal entries a reality. Malon’s Project was birthed from a place of pain and necessity. This pain was exposed after the sudden and tragic loss of Malon but this necessity has been there all along. After Malon’s death, we realized that there are millions of Malons out there. Teens whose parents are absent, either by incarceration or drug addiction or lack of parenting skills, this was Malon. Teens who are solely raised by grandparents. This was Malon. Teens who have been in and out of the juvenile system in addition to having the diagnosis of ADHD/Autism. This was Malon. When he was murdered, he was identified by his ankle bracelet because he had been recently discharged from a juvenile center. He was out past his curfew to purchase marijuana.
We realize that the current projects are not providing enough personalized services for this targeted group of teens. Teens who have talents, skills, abilities but lack a place where they can express themselves in a positive, cooperative and constructive environment. A place where they can be treated for the core reasons of their juvenile delinquent behavior such as their ADHD/Autism diagnosis and not solely for their criminal behavior.

Malon’s Project hope to reach teens ages 13-19 like Malon to provide these services. Malon’s Project will offer mental health counseling, after-school services, job training, job preparedness training, life skills coaching, anger management coaching sessions, and many other personalized services. Malon’s Project will partner with Phoebus Community Center and other Community Centers in the Tidewater area to implement these such programs. Malon’s Project will collaborate with the School system, Juvenile detention centers, Probation and Parole, Community Services Board and other mental health providers.

We anticipate implementing Malon’s Project in all of the 7 cities of Hampton Roads. We hope to secure partnerships, sponsors and collaborate with other organizations and non-profits, city municipalities, police, school boards and any and every one focused on making Malon’s Project a success in the lives of the marginalized teens in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area.

This was Malon and this is what Malon would want us to do……

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