Ignite Potential Through Creative Expression

Malon's Project believes creative arts unlock potential in young people with ADHD, inspiring non-violence and building community.
We empower youth and enrich lives through music, dance, visual arts and other creative disciplines. Our expanded programs provide mentoring, safe creative spaces and opportunities to share talents.
All youth deserve equal support reaching their full potential. We treat each child with dignity and respect, valuing their unique background and abilities. By fostering inclusion, integrity and responsible citizenship through arts, we strengthen character and open minds.
Igniting creativity in ADHD youth improves self-confidence, focus and social skills. When they see their own talent and value through art, positive change takes root. The ripples spread as they share their gifts, embracing diversity and uplifting others.
We cultivate a thriving arts community for positive change. Partnering with artists, organizations and funders, we grow creative programs that empower youth for generations. Together we can inspire action, transforming struggles into strengths.
Arts education goes beyond memorizing facts. We teach youth to think critically and solve problems through artistic expression. Cultural awareness grows as they explore diverse perspectives through music, dance and visual storytelling.
By increasing community resilience through the arts, we reduce risk factors for violence. Youth learn constructive anger management, build empathy and find purpose through creative outlets. Community engagement strengthens protective factors that steer youth toward peace.
Join our journey igniting creative potential in ADHD youth. Together we can nurture artistic talents that uplift communities and shape a more compassionate world. Give the gift of creative expression - donate now to empower the next generation

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