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Do you understand what you are seeing when you see Malon’s Project, Inc’s Logo?
This breathtaking butterfly's wings each form an infinity loop, reflecting the endless potential and creativity of those in the ADHD community. The wings in flight mimic the fluttering, darting nature of an ADHD mind, always in motion, making connections, and viewing the world through a kaleidoscope of perspectives.
Yet the infinity wings also symbolize the ongoing, lifelong nature of ADHD and the persistence required to manage its symptoms. While the journey has its challenges, the butterfly's wings promote a message of empowerment, growth, and transformation.
For this butterfly, the possibilities are truly infinite. Its colorful wings represent the unconventional thinking, curiosity, and uniqueness that comes with ADHD neurodiversity. The wings serve as a reminder to embrace every mind and way of thinking.
This magical butterfly is the symbol of Malon's Project, Inc. An organization dedicated to providing programs, resources, and opportunities for those with ADHD while promoting nonviolence, acceptance, and empowerment. The butterfly's infinite wings demonstrate that with the right support and perspective, those with ADHD can soar to great heights.
Whenever this butterfly comes into view, you know you are in the presence of a community that celebrates diversity, catalyzes potential, and opens new doors to those with ADHD, allowing their lives to take flight. The butterfly's looped wings inspire us all to come together and build a society where every mind is valued and encouraged to reach for the endless sky.

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