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Malon Project Incentive Program

Malon's Project, Inc. has partnered with North Phoebus Community Center in Hampton to work with the students grades 1st-5th.  

Our goal is to provide an incentive program to help bring about a change in their behavior and overall attitude. The kids are rewarded at the center, at home and at school, "Malon Money" for positive attitude and completing chores. Also when they exhibited poor behavior, money is taken away. Quarterly, they will exchange their Malon Money for items.  

Our goal is to contact local businesses, (Walmart, Target, Chick Fil A, Wendy's, McDonalds, and Cinemark, etc.)  to partner with us to convert Malon's Money into tangible products for the kids.  

During the summer, it is our goal to have Malon's Money exchanged for field trips to Busch Gardens, the zoo, etc.  We believe that by partnering with local businesses  we can create a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship that will help us reach our goal of reducing violence and promoting positive behavior among children in our community.

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