JoAnne Cramatie - Executive Board

JoAnne Cramatie - Executive Board, President

As President and Executive Director of Malon's Project, I work collaboratively with board members to set organizational goals. Creates a strategic plan with specific, measurable outcomes.

I was the legal guardian and grandmother of Malon A. Pearson. Malon was tragically killed on August 24th, 2020, at the age of 17. His murder is still unsolved in the city of Hampton.

He was a very caring and compassionate person. He loved to swim, play basketball and just enjoy life. He kept journals and he journaled his desire to have a place large enough to house various activities for his friends. Some of his friends were homeless teenagers, some were hungry, some had different mental issues such as ADHD ADD, Autism and learning disabilities. He tried to assist them all.

My family’s desire is to turn Malon’s dream into a visible and viable community service project. The focus of Malon’s Project is to offer services that will enrich the ADHD, Autism and the ADD population of the cities in the Hampton Roads area. Malon's project in partnership with the Phoebus Community Center will provide services such as a community garden, swim team, educational services, job readiness, employment opportunities and a respite house for the marginalized, at-risk youth to successfully function in the community.

I am also the founding member of the 54-40 African American quilting guild established in March 1993. We are about to celebrate 30 years of quilting. We currently have three of the seven original members. I have taught quilting at various venues. I have lectured in Virginia, North Carolina and as far away as Ireland. Quilting is my muse, my passion, it is my creative outlet, it is a way of life for me. I am always happy while in my quilting studio. There is peace in creating something new and meaningful to calm my spirit.

As a fund raiser for Malon's Project, I will make a new quilt every year to be raffled off during his birthday month in December.

When my grandson Malon was murdered on August 24, 2020, I was asked to join a pilot program for Homicide victims. I have been active in this group for almost two years. I recognized that someone being murdered for no reason appears to bring a deeper level of pain because of this senseless act. I have grown with this group of people, and we have become friends through our grief process. It helps to talk and sometimes not talk by being in the presence of people with the same type of pain.

I am a minister leader in the Celebrate Recovery Group at Grove Baptist Church under the direct leadership of Dr. Melvin O. Mariner. for close to two years. This group is a 12-step program that is faith based that allows you to get through your past hurts, habits and hang ups.

On my spiritual journey, I have grown in my prayer life listening and following the voice of God. Because of my ongoing biblical studies, I am living my most abundant life. Hearing the voice of God, I was directed to start a weekly family prayer conference call most recently turning into Zoom calls every Thursday. We have seen the reforming and transforming power of God over our family. As a testimony of our success, we have encouraged other families to begin their own family prayer lines with much success.


AAS in Nursing

Degree in Biblical Studies

BLS certification

Retired RN Supervisor from DOD (Department of Defense) 44 years of continued service.

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