Martez Gurley El - Executive Board

Secretary, Director of Programs

Martez Gurley EL is the Director of Programs for Malon’s Project. I am the Secretary of the Executive Board.

I have been a member of the international business community for over 10 years largely importing and exporting sports apparel. I am CEO of IE Global Inc. I am the Executive Director of FaithWorks, Inc., a subsidiary of Malons Project where we are a faith-based staffing agency, assisting returning citizens with job training and placement. I have worked in the medical field as an orthopedic tech and medical assistant.

My mission is to enhance the lives of those in the community in need of resources to live a pro-social lifestyle.

I am a mentor, author, motivator and living proof that the Greatest Giver of Gifts is God, and he looks at us all with mercy and compassion.

As the Director of Programs, I am constantly creating programs that will enhance, challenge and encourage our youth to become the best versions of themselves.

I daily implement the eight (8) positive attributes of honesty, humility, gratitude, open-mindedness, compassion, responsibility, objectivity and willingness into my own life so that it permeates into everything I do, ultimately, passing it on to the youth I encounter.

The tragic death of my cousin Malon motivated me to take my place in the organization and bring the message of sobriety, unity, and opportunity for the people of Hampton Roads looking to improve their lives.

I am married to Lindsey and am the father of four boys, Malliq, Martez Jr., Malachai and Michael. In my spare time, I enjoy playing and teaching chess and bocce. I enjoy reading, journaling and creative writing.


AAS Medical Assistant

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