Wanda Williams -Executive Board

Treasurer. Director of Sales

Treasurer: I am a current member of the Executive Board of Malon's Project in the role of treasurer. As the Director of Sales, I am responsible for providing strategic planning, oversight of the projects and for the overall operation of Malons Project. I am learning the skills to become the grant writer for the organization as well as working closely with our Director of Programs to secure Government Contracts via SAM.gov. Work closely with Board of Directors in areas pertaining to fundraising, public events and budgeting issues.

Malon was my great nephew who was tragically killed in August 2020 at the age of 17. It was his desire to have a house that would house at risk youth. It is his grandmother’s (my oldest sister, JoAnne Cramatie) desire to fulfil his dream. Malon’s Project will work with the Phoebus Community Center providing programs and services especially for children with ADD and ADHD. Services such as a swim team, a community garden and operate a house for at risk youth as they transition into the community.

Project Analyst with DMV (retired)

As a part-time Project Analyst, Tester/Trainer in WEG (Workforce Efficiency Group)

I am currently married to Derrek Williams, and we have a combination of 7 grandchildren. We enjoy attending church, traveling and working part-time for Event Staffing, Inc.

I am currently the CEO of Silver Fit, as a certified personal trainer specializing in training seniors like to me stay looking fit, feeling fit by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in style!


AAS, Funeral Science

AAS, Business Technology

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer,

ISSA Certified Nutrition Coach

ISSA Certification, (Senior Citizen Personal Trainer)

CPR, First Aid and AED Certified

Retired Commonwealth of Virginia, employee with 33 years of service (DMV, Child Support Enforcement, Eastern State Hospital)

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